We've had over 10 years developing websites and online applications and are confident we can help you with developing a new website or upgrading your existing site.

We believe in total transparency in the way we work. Below are a few details about the way we develop websites, the costs involved and a few of the finer details.

Website Development Costs

We design and develop websites from the ground up specifically for each customers needs and requirements, so we're unable to give a one-price for all.However a most basic site starts at $1800+GST.

Once we've sat down with you to determine the requirements we will supply a detailed quote which explains all the costs in detail.

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Budget Website Development Costs

We also offer a pre-made templated website solution which starts from $499.00 +GST.

More details about our Budget website solution can be found here.


Finer details

Below are some of the finer details regarding our web development process and the services that we offer.

Visual Design

Once the design of the website has been approved and development of the website code has begun, any changes to the design in retrospect will incur additional costs.

Supplying Content

All website text/content must be supplied in rich or plain text format (Word Doc, or email is fine) and will be copied directly into the website where specified. Hand written or scanned content will not be accepted. Once the supplied content is entered into the website, the content can be modified by the Customer using the CMS*, or by Nyx Software Limited at an extra cost. Images must be supplied in electronic format. High resolution jpegs are preferred.


For larger projects, we may require a percentage of the full amount to be paid on acceptance of the project and in various stages of development.


Unless otherwise specified, hosting will be billed at $25.75+GST per month for a standard website and is billed 6 months in advance. The hosting term begins when the website is released to staging. Due to the server configuration requirements of the CMS, alternative hosting arrangements for the CMS are not permitted. Nyx Software Limited reserves the right to alter the price of website hosting to cover increased disk space or traffic requirements.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Basic onsite HTML SEO will be included in the quoted price. This includes the building of default meta tags and constructing the website in a way which is easily crawl able by search engines. It is up to the customer to maintain the meta tags and website content. Website marketing or promotion is not included in the price.

Domain Names

In the case that we organize your domain name, we will arrange to have it billed directly to you from the domain registrar. This is an annual fee and will auto renew on the anniversary of purchase. The cost of a domain is $45 per year.


Email hosting is not included with the supplied quote unless otherwise specified. We can arrange to have this service provided by a third party if required. Email forwarders to existing email accounts are free.


Modules may be purchased at any time in the future to increase the functionality of your website (forums, polls, eCommerce etc) These modules are costed separately.


Software updates and bug fixes will be applied to the customers website when they are complete. All CMS* relevant bug fixes and updates are supplied free of charge.

Website Statistics

Your website will include full server based stats. Integration with other statistic packages (Such as Google Analytics) is not included in the supplied cost.

Export of website

In the case a website is transferred to another developer, we can supply a direct export of the database and supporting template files. For smaller websites we can also supply a 'flat' copy of the website which can be installed on a new web server. The flat copy will not include any CMS* or Modular functionality (i.e. the flat website will let you view standard pages but not post on forums, fill out contact forms, or purchase products)


Nyx Software Limited will supply full documentation on how to use the system. Full online help is also included. We can also supply on site training at an extra cost.

Any defects or issues with the website will be fixed as soon as reasonably practical if raised by the Customer within 30 days of deployment.


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Need a website?

We've had over 10 years developing some of the largest Website projects in the country and are confident we can help you with developing a new website or upgrading your existing site.

We believe in total transparency in the way we work. Below are a few details about the way we develop websites, the costs involved and a few of the finer details.

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Our web development process has been refined over the years to ensure that projects run smoothly and are completed on time.

  • Stage 1. Briefing. Gathering requirements
  • Stage 2. Design. Visual look and feel of the website is designed.
  • Stage 3. Build. The website is built in a staging area.
  • Stage 4. Populate. We enter into the website the initial content/text which you supply
  • Stage 5. Deploy. Website goes live.


How long does it take?

The time it takes to develop a small website generally starts at around 4 weeks. This covers all the steps in the process outlined above. We have however completed websites in as little as 4 days however this is only in extreme situations.

Larger projects require more time. The bulk of the time is usually spent in the initial brief and clarification of requirements then the signing off on the design. Once we have the requirements, the signed off design and the content we can move very quickly.


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